About Us

Welcome to Canada Neon Mart A place where your personal or professional advertising & decoration ideas come into reality through creative designing. We are a custom neon sign manufacturing business based in Edmonton, providing custom LED neon sign services to our customers all over Canada. We specialize in converting creative ideas into beautiful LED neon signs. Our neon signs are used in weddings, house parties, birthday parties, as a business logo, or simply just as a gift to loved ones. Canada Neon Mart LED neon signs are unique in a way they are completely handmade. Our manufacturing and design team does everything in-house, including writing design, acrylic laser cutting, LED assembling, and sticking the LED onto the acrylic. We make sure to provide highest quality products by going through rigorous quality testing methods, which involves testing all the electrical connections, best quality LED lights, and making a good quality final packaging for our customers. Although our business is Edmonton based but we do shipping of neon signs all over Canada. We make sure our signs don't break on their way that is why we use 5mm thick acrylic plastic sheet instead of standard 2.5mm. We are the only supplier of custom neon signs which provides 5mm thick acrylic plastic. Our pricing has been proven to be the most economical all over Canada. We do price matching as well. Our customers are the most valuable asset of our business, their satisfaction is our main goal. If you would like to get a free quote for custom neon sign, don't go anywhere, come to Canada Neon Mart!